Yuga Health integrates modern science with ancient Vedic Healthcare Wisdom — including Ayurveda — to create simple and effective solutions for today’s complex health challenges.

Yuga Health’s mission is to promote good health through healthy eating and living. We seek to make a positive difference through natural spice substitutes and supplements that complement the mind, body and spirit. We believe that every body should thrive and that disease prevention is better than its cure. ZEA salt substitute brings the health benefits of natural products such as seaweed to the table.

“What you eat today will influence the way you think, in turn influencing the way you look, in turn influencing your future. Eat lovingly and you will be loved; eat mercilessly and the world will not be compassionate to you.” - Mony Singh, Author

Ethical, Earth-friendly Methods

Yuga Health is committed to supporting coastal communities and the environment. Our respect for the planet is reflected in how we harvest seaweed from some of the purest seashores in the world by hand and our eco-friendly packaging and process.

Intelligent dietary elements can be only processed with minimal processing, with less stress on the planetary ecosystem and individuals and sustainability of resources. This earth-friendly method is inherent in every Yuga Health product.

Blend of Ancient Traditions and Today’s Lifestyle

Individuals who are conscious about their health should eat with intelligence. With the Ayurveda in mind, we seek to develop products for healthy living, enhancing the abilities of each individual. We make it our mission to make a difference in quality of life, by helping to cure, provide relief or improve existing conditions through super foods, potent herbs, healthy fats and plant proteins.

Working principles of Ayurveda

Yuga Health is championed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD in Botanical Drugs, MBA in Biotechnology, who is an expert in the application of nutraceuticals in various conditions.

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