With the longest coastline in India, Gujarat has a rich diversity of habitats, including mangroves, salt marshes, coral reefs and sea grasses. It is from this Eden that ZEA is born and harvested, and crafted for heart health and spiritual well being.

The Finer Things in Life

Gujarat is located on the western coast of India. In 1600s, the Dutch, French, English and Portuguese established bases along the region’s coast. It was then that it earned a reputation for the finer things in life, and the Land of Legends. Many celebrities contributed in making this land well known; many discovered a new meaning of life in the beauty and charm of Gujarat. Traditional values, morals and lifestyle were the very existence of this Land of Legends, still unmatched in India today.

From the Land of Legends
to the Land of the Free

Gujarat possesses a varied topography, from majestic grasslands to marine ecosystems, wetlands and rich moist forests. These habitats are home to rare wild life inhabitants — a dream of an explorer on a quest for natural wonders.
For many, Gujarat is paradise where one can have peace of mind, be spiritual and live in harmony. Ask anyone who’s been here, and they will confirm that Gujarat is the most cherished place to visit in India.
Today, you can bring a piece of the Land of Legends, home. Experience the peace and harmony that is Gujarat with ZEA, now available in U.S., the Land of the Free.